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We're Moving...

To celebrate the big transition to Vietnam, we at the Richert Ranch have decided to relocate webwise as well. It seems time for fresh starts all around. We hope you join us.
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Hello? Is Anyone Out There?

I know, I know...the blog has been deathly silent for the past five (has it really been five?) months. That is partly due to that fact that life in Ecuador is just that, life. No longer caught by surprise by that man peeing on the street corner, or the countless iguanas crossing the road. I hate to say it, but it's all become part of the expected. Even our vacations are becoming a bit repetitive. I could tell you about how I went paragliding over Thanksgiving, but I'm pretty sure I have a post about that. I could wax elegantly about school life, but let me check....yep, got those too. Not wanting to repeat myself over and over, I've let the blog lapse a bit. There has been no new news to report.

That is, until now.

This overseas living and teaching tends to have its own rhythms. In November, the wave of decision comes crashing in. Will you stay and renew your contract? Or, will you throw caution to the wind and try your luck with somewhere else. For those who cho…

What in the....?

I has been months (months!! How did that happen?!). I can tell you how it happened...
* swine flu paranoia in Ecuador * whirlwind tours of the USA from D.C. to California * a swimming sensation that is six years old, and the Transformer's expert * a beautiful 11 month old that fell in love with her uncle * bbq's galore * weekends away with the greatest of friends * new bikes (Oh, Isis...I miss you already) * let's be honest....Target, Costco, and the Patagonia outlet contributed to the silence * 14 hour road trips * napkin making * concerts that had to be attended (I really do love you Josh Ritter. Really) * books to purchase and read * and, of course, all that repacking * which only leads to all that unpacking
It's been a busy two and half months kids.

I'm Feeling a Teacher Geek Out Comin' On!

There are four weeks left of school (28 days counting weekends), and usually this benchmark is characterized by complete and utter exhaustion.  A little of the "I just need to make it through this day" attitude.  Past April/Mays of my teaching life have been filled with days where I am just trying to keep my head above water.  I'm tired, the kids are tired, we are all a little bit irritable, and patience doesn't seem to be a virtue that makes it on my list.  By the end of the year, I am so thankful for the break to just physically and emotionally recoup. 
But, this year....this year is proving to be different.
Thanks to some of my rockstar co-workers, I have been energized in an unaccountable way.  I'm talking a full-fledge teacher geek out, usually only experienced in the first few months of the school year.  Technology people, best motivator ever.
Here's the top five technology wonders currently making appearances in the Richert classroom:
1.  Voicethreads: The…

Beach Shmeach

After an almost two year experiement in living, Dave and I have come to the conclusion that we are not beach people.  

Sand?  Not a fan.  
Being in a sea of people who, let's be honest, are a lot more confident in what they are wearing then they should be?  I can live without it, my eyes will forever thank me. (Seriously?  Speedos?  Why are people letting their friends leave the house in those?)  
Yes, the ocean is beautiful.  And big.  And just a little frightening with all those crashing waves that pull you under water and provide that "I've just been tossed into a washing machine during the speed cycle" feeling.
Besides that, I tend to burn.  And then freckle.  Not good.
I can't help it...I wasn't born to be enchanted by the swaying palm trees and shimmering sunsets.  I mean, I'm from Idaho.  Give me the mountains anyday.
And this is why Dave and I headed to Vilcabamba, Ecuador for Semana Santa, instead of following the rest of Ecuador to the coast.  There w…