Thursday, August 20, 2009

What in the....?

I has been months (months!! How did that happen?!). I can tell you how it happened...

* swine flu paranoia in Ecuador
* whirlwind tours of the USA from D.C. to California
* a swimming sensation that is six years old, and the Transformer's expert
* a beautiful 11 month old that fell in love with her uncle
* bbq's galore
* weekends away with the greatest of friends
* new bikes (Oh, Isis...I miss you already)
* let's be honest....Target, Costco, and the Patagonia outlet contributed to the silence
* 14 hour road trips
* napkin making
* concerts that had to be attended (I really do love you Josh Ritter. Really)
* books to purchase and read
* and, of course, all that repacking
* which only leads to all that unpacking

It's been a busy two and half months kids.