Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I just looked at the pictures from D's and my trip to Boston this summer. Ahhhh.....how I loved it there. The energy, the people, the Italian restaurants. It could be the most perfect vacation we have ever taken. We enjoyed each other's company, we explored a part of the states that neither one of us had been to before, and we laughed a lot.

We were complete tourists on the trip. We rode the Duck Boats, walked the freedom trail, and rode public transportation as much as possible. I loved that no matter where we were going, people were reading. On the bus, on the sidewalk, in restaurants, on steps, benches, and curbs. I loved that people stopped to ask if you needed help instead of just ignoring you or flipping you off. I loved that the city holds so much history, it was almost like going to the scene of a fairytale that you have heard told your entire life.

Mostly, I loved the visit because D and I had so much fun together. We fantasized about moving there, where we would take our friends when they came to visit, where my parents would stay. It was nice to leave behind our real lives for an instant and create a whole new existence. I think we are kind of doing that with this overseas teaching opportunity. I just want a two year vacation from the life I have here. I know that life continues, and that it won't be easier somewhere else. I don't necessarily want easier. I just want different.