Monday, February 11, 2008

Here Comes the Sun...

Well, not really.  It is actually pretty overcast around here and lightening has been flashing across the sky for the last couple of hours.  But...I'm in a much better mood than yesterday.  I have been feeling a bit guilty because of my pity-party extravaganza...okay, okay, tantrum.  Mostly because I know that Dave is the main recipient of those party favors, we know that can't be so much fun.

Today I felt the urge to throw an anti-pity party.  You are all invited to join in these festivities, and I promise that there will be no screaming, throwing of dishes, or crazy ravings from the host, just good ol' fashioned thankfulness.

* My boss brought me pretzels today from her trip to the states.  Love that.
* The kids loved my arm-sized bruise and the EcuaBus story that goes along with it.
* My husband made me laugh today.  A lot.
* I am feeling so much better on the cold front, it is unbelievable.  (Isn't that always how it works out?  You're sick during vacations and then the picture of health once work starts again.)
* I was able to talk to my parents last night (I heart you skype) and it was once again confirmed that mom's just know how to make everything better.  That magic is better than the Keebler Elves.
* I'm reading a great book right now that is entertaining and is getting me interested in poetry again.  Got to love that.
* My sister told me to get ready for round two of auntdom.  Wahoo!  Her beautiful four year old son then informed me that if mommy has a boy baby then they will have to have a girl baby right after.  He wants a brother and a sister.  That sounds like a house full.  
* Dave got a job for the remainder of the school year at InterAmerican.  Another Wahoo! is called for here.  
*  There are the best cookies known to mankind, chop full of coconut, oatmeal, and chocolate, waiting for me in the fridge right now  (I have grown quite fond of cold cookies; they are refreshing and no ant is ever in sight of them).
*  It started raining during my intervals today, making things much more pleasant outside and the exercise not so unbearable.
*  Dave told me that he wanted to spend some time reading tonight.  This is bigger than can really be explained.  When I first met the boy, I don't think he had ever even cracked open a book.  Now he reads of his own free-will!  Beautiful!
*  One of my students gave me a gorgeous bracelet today that she got during this past week's vacation.  It just so happens to be my very favorite color.  I love teaching the sixth grade.
* I actually know what I am doing in all of my classes tomorrow.  I just might sleep through the night tonight.
*  Tomorrow is Pizza Tuesday where we get to hang out, laugh, chat, and eat dinner with our friends.
*  A nice breeze has just picked up, the mosquitos seem to be giving us a night off, and I think I will make it to bed at a decent time.

Life, actually, is pretty good.