Sunday, December 10, 2006


We have almost survived the Christmas shopping extravaganza of 2006. After spending most of the day looking everywhere for that unique gift that will satisfy 18 different people, we finally settled on cold, hard cash. The gift that pleases them all. I know it is impersonal and lacks creative thought, but I figured any other gift that I would have chosen for the annual Christmas gift-exchange would also be the same. At least this way they can by something they really do want instead of having something they would rather do without.

D and I went to my staff Christmas party last night. It is always so much fun to see people out of their comfort environment. Shop-talk was at a minimum and laughter was at a maximum. That is what I enjoy the most, spending time with people who know how to laugh, who aren't caught up in who has wronged them, stolen their coveted position, or secretly examining everything you are wearing for designer labels. You can't beat a shin-dig that has buckets of beer instead of dignified glasses of wine, bring your own treat instead of catered hors d'oeuvres, and where the gift exchange includes a jar of Vaseline.