Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Love Day!!

Working in a middle school gives one a whole new perspective of holdiays like Valentine's Day. Or maybe it just reminds you of the intense emotions you used to feel when you were thirteen and the boy of your dreams slipped you a flower or box of chocolates. I watched countless teenagers shyly walk up to the crush of the moment and present their hearts via dyed carnations and heart-shaped balloons. Oh the memories it brought back...

D and I decided not to make a big thing out of Valentine's day this year. We went to dinner at our favorite local hangout, The Falcon Tavern, and planned to get dessert afterwards but we were too full after our delicious dinner of grilled cheese and chorizo and lamb au jus sandwiches. Oh well, we are saving our bucks for an Ecuadorian celebration. I hope everyone enjoyed their own Love Day festivities!