Sunday, February 18, 2007

Spring is here....already?

Spring has hit my the middle of February. Call me crazy, but something just isn't right here.

Not that I am complaining. I was able to go on my first road ride since my winter hiatus. Granted, that break has only been about a month--but it felt good to get back on the bike. The town was full of bikers taking advantage of the amazing weather and trying to get in as many rides as possible before the rain hit. D was able to go on a short ride himself yesterday but was planning on "the big one" today. Unfortunately, he waited too long and the rain hit about 10 minutes before he set out. He went anyway (such a trooper!) and as soon as he got back, the sky cleared and the sun came back out. Of all the luck...

Oh well. I'm sure he enjoyed every minute of it anyway. We are both trying to use our road bikes, Ronnie and Venture, as much as possible before the big move south. Everything we have discovered about Ecuador leads us to believe that we will have to leave our rides in the states. I guess road biking, and driving for that matter, is more of an extreme sport in Ecuador. Not that we are going to abandon all forms of biking for the two years we are there. We are hoping to take our mountain bikes, Iggy and Jamis, with us to use for commuting to and from the school, as well as our home city. Also, our guide books say there is more a chance to enjoy mountain biking than touring or road biking. We'll take what we can get.

Until then--happy biking!