Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Going from Snow Days to....Volcano Days?

As a middle school teacher here in Idaho, it is not uncommon for me to wish and hope for the annual snow day. The magical time when the phone rings in the dead of night (a.k.a. 6:00am) and an inspiring voice tells me not to come into work today because the world is covered in snow and ice. I love these days. Sometimes, the hope of a snow day is really what gets me through the long winter months of teaching squirrely eighth graders. Deciding to teach in Ecuador for the next two years, I have realized that I will be giving up the possibility of snow days. What I didn't fully realize is that they might be replaced by Volcano Days.

Today, the ever-temperamental volcano Tungurahua, which means "throat of fire" in the Quechua language, began to erupt south of Quito, Ecuador. Hundreds of people were evacuated from the village below the volcano. It really is an amazing sight, you can view video of the eruption at

Just another adventure waiting for us!