Saturday, March 24, 2007

Reality vs. Anxiety

D and I received a wonderful surprise via the librarian at the InterAmerican Academy in Ecuador this week. Pictures of our new home, school, and city! I'm not really sure what I was expecting, but the reality of the situation greatly eased my mind. No grass huts, no bars on the windows or doors, and no rats scampering across the floor in clear view. The apartment that we will be calling home actually looked pretty similar to apartments across the nation, we will even have a dishwasher! What a luxury...

The school campus is beautiful, well kept and modern. The classrooms are what really surprised me. They are so spacious with tons of natural light. It is quite a difference from my current classroom that has low ceilings, limited space, and only one window. The campus also has a couple of athletic fields and a pool. The best part might just be the two main classroom buildings, one is pink and the other is blue. Fancy shmance :)

Liz also sent pictures of Guayaquil, Puerto Azul (where we will actually be living) and some smaller towns closer to the coast. I have to say, I was pretty surprised to see a TGI Friday's in one of the pictures. All in all, it has given D and I something concrete to hold on to about our new home. It restored the excitement and replaced the anxiety and (dare I admit it?) doubt that has been plaguing my mind lately. This really is becoming real!