Monday, April 16, 2007

The Devil's in the Details...

Okay, D and I really are trying to get everything in order for the "big move" in July. I'm not even participating in my usual procrastination techniques, you know the one--denial. Mostly because the government seems to be doing that for me.

I am getting increasingly bogged down by the insane amount of paperwork that this process involves. Each time I think we are on the right track and are getting everything under control, I find that I have one more thing to get. Not to mention that I am still waiting on my passport, D already received his. I contacted the passport agency for a status check and they told me it was being processed. Yeah--I got that late-breaking news already.

I know the paperwork side of things really is a bit beyond my control, I can't force them to process my paperwork any faster, but it is still a bit stressful. Ecuador just isn't going to seem real until I have the visa and plane ticket in hand.

On the brighter side...

D's mom and uncle came for a visit this last week. We had so much fun spending an entire week with them! Most of our visits seem to be doled out in two or three days, but this felt like we actually got to spend time with them. Of course, D and I had to work the entire week but Joyce and Bill got a chance to explore the wonders of Boise and other parts of Southern Idaho on this visit. The coffee shops were a big hit, as were Boise's wonderful restaurants (I did cook dinner one night!). We had a great time and are now just waiting for Jon and Heather to make the trek.