Saturday, May 19, 2007

May in Motion

This month is May in Motion, the time dedicated to using alternate forms of transportation to help reduce emissions, travel costs, and increase general health. All month long, people have been making a greater effort to bike, walk, ride the bus, or carpool. D's company, BOB Gear, is even having a friendly competition to see who can earn the most biking/carpooling points. It has been tons of fun, especially since it has been a great reason for me to get out on my bike more this month. D and I have taken the bikes with us everywhere, even when we visited Twin last weekend. We did a beautiful ride through the countryside outside of Kimberly. It was beautiful to ride through all the farms, we almost made it to the south hills!

The Boise area has also decided to celebrate May in Motion with the annual Boise Bike Week. It has been so much fun to see so many people biking all over town, not to mention the great events that were organized for the week. Dave was able to hit more events than I was, like the opening ceremony and the National Bike to Work Celebration, but I was able to make it to the BBW Scavenger Hunt. We had so much fun racing all over town to try to be the first to complete the race. We were no where close, there were quite a few actual professionals there, but we had a great time and was able to make it back to a local Boise cafe for the live music and dinner. We even received free t-shirts and I won a prize in the raffle! If anything, the week has gotten me back into riding my road bike more. I even woke up early this morning and was able to take an early ride through the foothills. The ride was wonderful because it seemed like I was the only one awake in the entire city. It gave me some time to just let my mind think through and organize all of the things that have been swirling through it since D and I decided to move to Ecuador. It was the least stressed I have felt for awhile, maybe I should do this every morning!