Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Weekend to Remember...

I meant to post this much, much earlier in the week but time has slipped away from me. This has been a pretty intense week with school ending, visa applications being due, and trying to get our house ready to rent. Good thing D and I were able to have a fun, productive, and somewhat relaxing weekend before the craziness ensued!

Friday night, Dave and I met our good friends Becca and Kelly at Donnie Mac's Trailer Cuisine to hear some live music played by one of D's coworkers. It was so much fun to sit outside, listen to the music (D especially enjoyed the harmonica player) and catch up with old friends. Becca is headed off to get her graduate degree in North Carolina the same time we leave for Ecuador, so we are trying to squeeze in as much play time as possible.

The next weekend adventure was the Tamarack Resort in McCall. We headed up there for the beginning of their mountain biking season. We had such a great time. Their meadow trails are perfect for me, just the right amount of climbing (enough to get a good workout, not enough to think I might die) and great downhill trails, my favorite is Wild Turkey. And D likes to catch the ski lift up the mountain and bike down the more advanced (read incredibly technical and steep) bike trails. We spent the entire day riding the trails and were still able to be back in Boise in time for a nice evening at home.

We were about to head to bed when D suggested we go "camping." Not exactly sure what he had in mind since it was already 10:30 at night, I still agreed. D then proceeded to set up our tent in the backyard and we had a home-edition campout. It kind of reminded me of being a kid and my dad setting up the tent in the backyard for my sister and I. I always loved that style of camping because a) an actual bathroom was nearby and b) you always had the option of climbing into a real bed during the night.

We ended the three-day weekend by starting on "the great sort" of the house. I only managed to sort through my closet, but as the picture suggests, I got rid of an awful lot of clothes. I'm pretty sure I need to go shopping for Ecuador now. That is how it works, right?

Monday evening I headed to my sister's house and had a BBQ with the family. I got to play with Blake, find out that he is no longer into Thomas the Train, and enjoy my brother-in-law's wonderful cooking. All in all, it was a great weekend and the perfect start to the summer season. Now if I can only get through the next two days of school (my last for the year, wahoo!).