Thursday, October 4, 2007


David and I bought our tickets to the states for Christmas vacation yesterday. Needless to say....I can't wait.

Things I am counting down the days for:
* Maxi's Pizza
* Java's Bowl of Soul
* A consistently hot shower
* The ability to wear a sweater every now and again
* Tillamook Cheddar cheese (preferably accompanied by frito's and chili)
* A meal at the Falcon Tavern
* Blake to show me "somefing"
* Small group catching-up
* Actually being able to flush toilet paper down the toilet
* REI and Target shopping extravaganza
* Laughing with the Miller/Silvers/Hall/Damon ladies
* Pretzels
* Ice cubes
* Not seeing even one ant within in a 24 hour time span.
* Road Rides on Ronnie

ahhhhh (deep sigh of anticipation)

Only 72 more days...