Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Little Pick-Me-Up

So it is raining here in beautiful Guayaquil.  Again. 

When I say rain, I don't mean just a little sprinkle, a soft and constant pitter patter, or a gentle mist.  Oh no, I mean a savage downpour that pounds on the windows, roofs, and streets.  Yesterday we had a rainstorm that flooded the streets...and our apartment (yeah--we live on the second floor of our building).

The clouds started to roll in on our way home from spanish lessons,  it had been a beautiful sunny afternoon with not a cloud in the sky.  Dave and I made it into our apartment right when the first big drops started to land.  Right in the nick of time, right?  Yeah, that's what we thought.  

Five minutes after arriving home, it sounded like rocks were being thrown on every surface of our building.  Curious about this sudden weather change, I started to walk to our front balcony door to watch the storm.  I didn't make it too far before I stepped into what has been come to be known as Lake Richert.  The water was streaming through the bottom of the doors, through every window in the place (there is a window in every room by the way), and to top it all off---streaming from the ceiling.  

I wish I had thought to take a picture.

In our panic, Dave and I rolled up our pants, grabbed the mop, and started operation clean-up.  For one of the first times ever, I was actually glad we only have tile floors.   

Tonight's rain storm is only missing the wind.  The streets are flooded, but our apartment is not.  You got to take what you can get.  

Dave is loving the rainy weather, being the crazy Washingtonian that he is, but this Idaho girl just cannot get used to the constant drizzle.  I'm too used to the sun shining even when it is freezing outside, to cloudless skies, and power rainstorms that only last ten minutes--not forty-five.  Hence, I need to find sunlight in ways outside of the box.  

Ta-daaa!!!  Welcome to my new, light, sunny blog.  A little piece of sunshine among Guayaquil's constantly overcast skies.