Friday, February 27, 2009

February Boycott

I'm not sure about all teachers, but February is my least favorite month of the school year. I don't care that it has the least amount of days of any other month, it is the longest month of the year. Here is why...

The excitement of the first of the year is gone. The kids are no longer on their best behavior and willing to try the new can crazy ideas that come out of their teacher's heads. During the second quarter of school, we all have our eye on Christmas vacation. We might get a little impatient and the crazy level might rise a bit, but we all are still working and willing. But third quarter (aka February) we've got nothing. The kids are grouchy, there is nothing to look forward to, and, most shocking of all, they are no longer impressed with my special brand of humor. The nerve.

Not to mention the weather...

Idaho weather during this time is gray, dreary, and cold. There usually is slushy snow, black ice, or biting wind. Ecuador weather is hot, gray, and wet. I just can't win. This is the month that I usually want to be anywhere else but where I am. It is the month when I'm sure my real dream job is working in a coffee shot instead of helping to shape the minds of the future.

I'm not the only one who struggles with the month of February. I'm pretty sure more teachers detest this month than are willing to admit. There are many different ways we all deal with the February doldrums. My friend Sarri took a positive route by posting something she loved each day of the month. Brilliant!

I went the other extreme by denying the existence of February, hence the silence on the blog. But, February is almost over (only one more day!) and Living the Good Life will be back in business. How do you survive February?