Monday, March 16, 2009

Carnival Adventures (Or: What I Meant My Last Post To Be About)

I know that my adventures are not in the same vein as this.  But, come on, can the Amazon really compete with:

Hanging out with a superhero who just happens to be an Ecuador futbol fan as well.

Making the ever delicious treat of the "Gaby Sandwich"

Being in awe of "Super-Mom" (A.K.A. Cousin Kira...and yes, those are all her adorable children)

Finally getting rid of my own personal heating system. 

Spotting something uniquely Idaho.  (A live bait vending machine?  Are you serious?)

There was the re-stocking of reading material. (Man, I love Barnes and Noble)

And let's not forget about the shopping.

There was also having coffee and dinner with friends, the frazzled transition from speaking Spanish to English whenever ordering food, and the beauty of finally getting to flush my toilet paper (though I did have to tell myself to flush it and not throw it away Every. Single. Time.  Too much information?)  

It was a wonderful, restful, break full of family, fun, laughter, and pure joy at seeing baseball fields and snow again.  It's the little things.