Saturday, May 26, 2007

Middleton Memories...

My time at Middleton Middle School is quickly drawing to a close. With only three days of the school year left, I am beginning to get quite nostalgic. Here are some of the people and memories that keep running through my head:

* Rebecca getting her arm caught in the Coke machine outside of the building. The jaws of life had to help cut her out.

* Gage asking me if I remembered where I was when Kurt Cobain died. Does he remember?

* Ryan and Mike changing the settings on my laptop so that the start button said Mike, and the runner across the top said Ryan Rules.

* Having Jace tell me, while he was in tears, that it was the worst day of his entire life because Wess stole his twinkie. Remember when that really was the worst thing that ever happened?

* When Burkley and Jared tried to explain that they threw a stink bomb into my room because, and I quote, "But Mrs. Richert, you're the only teacher who can take a joke!" I didn't take it that well.

* Having Tyler start crying in class the first time the principal conducted a formal observation. Yeah, that helped the nerves.

* Joe yelling out, "can I get an amen?!" during our funeral for overused verbs. The entire class responded with, "Aaamen."

* Tylor asking me to dance with him at the Halloween dance. I politely declined.

* Damian stating that he "owned" my classroom and another student responding with, "Yeah, uh Damian, why don't you join the rest of us here in reality?"

* Rebecca asking me if a hooker could be considered an entrepreneur. I'll be honest, I pretended that I didn't hear her.

* Hillary slipping a note on my desk that told me how much she enjoyed the activity we did in class that day.

* Nikki telling me that she wanted to give me a makeover, "there is just so much that we could do!" she exclaimed. Once again, I politely declined.

* Brittany waiting until her, as of the previous day, ex-boyfriend began his speech in front of the class before she opened up her jacket. Sitting in the front row, it was impossible for Jordan to not see her "I'm not with stupid anymore" t-shirt. His mouth dropped open, he forgot where he was at in the speech, and had to start over. Classic.

* Brett Scherer and I winning the MMS American Idol competition with our rendition of, "If I Had a Million Dollars." The best part of that was overhearing Kenzi in the hall tell another friend, "You know how Mrs. Richert sings in class and it is really bad? Well, she just sang with Mr. Scherer and she is actually really good! Isn't that crazy?"

* Jackson and Matt telling me that I needed to see Nacho Libre because I wasn't getting their jokes. They brought it in for me the next day. I still haven't seen it, oops.

* D reminded me of the time when Alex allowed a couple of his classmates to test out their dog-shock collar on him. He didn't think it would actually hurt him since Raigen and West put the collar on his prostetic leg. Alex didn't fully understand that the metal rod that went through his leg would act like a conductor. If that wasn't a science lesson well learned...

There are so many great experiences and people that I came in contact with at Middleton Middle School. It is hard to believe that I won't be back there in August. I'll miss it so much!