Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Their Strength is to Sit Still...

Every since I began teaching, my grandmother has sent me a Bible verse, via e-mail, every Monday. It is one of the things that gets my week started off right and I use the e-mail as a little pick-me-up throughout the week.

I can't even begin to tell you how many times my grandmother has seemed to know exactly what verse I needed to hear, read, and become aware of in order to refocus on what is important, or just in order to gain back a sense of peace and trust. It seems like the moments of the most intense stress is when I receive a Bible verse from Grandma Damon that just calms, comforts, and supports.

This week the verse we found in our mailbox was Isaiah 30:7, "Their strength is to sit still." Her message included this as well:

And if thy plans are thwarted,
Quietly stand thou still:
Listen for God’s direction
Patiently wait for His Will
Lately, it seems like each step of progress D and I make towards getting everything in order for Ecuador, we come up against a roadblock that causes us to take two steps back. I have been getting so stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed by how little time we have and by how little progress we seem to be making. Reading this verse yesterday just reminded me that I am not in control over this. My worrying is futile and does not help things progress or go smoothly. I just need to sit still, and let God.
I am so thankful for the encouragement of my grandmother, for her constant reminders of how much she, and God, love me. I am so thankful for her weekly messages of peace and strength.