Sunday, July 8, 2007

Here's to Seven Wonderful Years!!

It is hard to believe that seven years ago, Dave and I started out on this crazy adventure known as marriage. We looked through our wedding album during our packing extravaganza and we marveled at how young we looked and we remembered how excited we were to start our lives together. It really has been a wonderful seven years, and we have experienced so much laughter, love, and adventure. Here are some highlights:

* Our honeymoon in California-Dave planned it perfectly to our personalities, the first half of the week there were absolutely no plans or schedule (to suit my favorite way to vacation). We explored San Diego, stopped at every point of interest, and relaxed. The second half of the week was planned out with things to do and see (to suit my husband's type A personality). We hit the beach and Disneyland. It was so much fun!

* Moving into our first apartment together, which was in the basement of an older home in Nampa. The Irwin's, our landlords, were an older couple who were so kind and welcoming. Mr. Irwin would shovel a pathway to my car and scrape my window's during the winter, and Mrs. Irwin would always bring us homemade treats.

* Vacationing in San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Boston, Seattle, and Portland. Dave and I save all our loose change and use the money to take mini vacations throughout the year. We buy a bus pass and explore the city we are in, taking different routes and seeing a whole different part than is typical.

* Buying our first home. I love our little house in Boise, it was the very first house Dave and I looked at. We passed the for sale sign when we were going to go see the home our friends Eric and Tracy had just purchased, which is just down the street. Dave and I called the realtor the next day, just to get an idea of what homes were like in the Boise area. We had decided that we were going to buy a place in Nampa, but we both fell in love with the house immediately. We made an offer the next day and moved in two months later. It really has been such a blessing and we are so thankful we took the plunge!

* Mountain biking together. Dave has always been a mountain biker, but I didn't start until we moved to Boise. I wasn't seeing my husband as much as I would have liked, especially since 60+ miles of trails is pretty much right outside our front door. There was nothing left to do but try biking myself. Now, I love it and it is not all that surprising for Dave to come home only to find my bike and myself gone.

* Joining a bible study. Dave and I have made such wonderful friends, and have reconnected with old friends, by joining the small group an old high school friend invited us to. I honestly believe our marriage grew stronger and more secure once we were praying and sharing with a group of our peers. There is something about being a part of a group that is willing to pray and support you through anything that helps to make everything seem possible, even moving to Ecuador!

* Deciding to move to Ecuador. Living overseas is something I have always dreamed about, but have been to scared to ever attempt. I've never lived outside of the state of Idaho, or any farther away than two hours from my family. But with Dave, it just seems like I can manage surviving in a different country, different culture, speaking a different language. Anytime I start to get overwhelmed by what we are leaving to do in two weeks, I just say a little prayer of thanks that Dave and I are doing this together. I can't wait to see how our lives change and how our relationship grows.

* Laughing together. One of the greatest things that Dave and I have shared these last seven years is laughter. Dave and I have laughed together every day since we first knew each other in college. My mom has told me that she loves when Dave and I stay at their home because she can hear us laughing throughout the house. My favorite thing to hear is Dave's "true" laugh, especially when I am the reason it breaks out. We laugh easily together, and often together, and each time it happens I fall more and more in love.

These past seven years have been wonderful, adventurous, playful, and a learning experience. I can't imagine going through it with anyone else. I'm so very lucky and can't wait to see what the next seventy bring!