Monday, July 23, 2007

Saying Goodbye...

Dave and I are leaving for Ecuador in two days. It is hard to believe that we started down this path five months ago, it has gone by so quickly.

As we have worked to get the house in order, our things packed up, and our documents ready to go, we have been saying goodbye to family, friends, and Boise. Last night our small group went to dinner with us and then had a dessert extravaganza afterwards (delicious strawberry/blueberry shortcake and chocolate brownies). We ate, laughed, talked and prayed. It was during the prayer that it really hit me that this was real, that we are actually getting on the plane Wednesday morning for adventures unknown, and that this amazing group that has supported, prayed, and loved us for the past three years won't be getting on the plane with us. I just started sobbing, overwhelmed with how much I love all of them and how much I am going to miss being apart of a group that laughs so easily and loves so much.

Not only are we going to miss our small group, family, and friends, but we will also miss living in an area so great as Boise. Here are some things I'm not sure I can live without:

* Java in Hyde Park on a Saturday morning.
* The mountain bike trails.
* Our favorite restaurants: The Front Door (best pizza ever!), Falcon Tavern, Highland Hollow, Parilla's, and The Berryhill.
* Floating the Boise River.
* The Twilight Criterium.
* Downtown during prom season.
* Saturday market.
* First Thursdays, Downtown.
* Picnics at Camelsback Park
* Trip Taylor's Bookstore
* Sunday Bike Cruises
* Movies at Satchel's Grill
* Girl's Nights with Molly, Sarah, and Melissa
* People watching at Lucky 13

I'm sure there are going to be things that I'm not expecting to miss, things that will take me by surprise. But these are some of the small details of life in Boise that I will want to see and experience during my homesick moments.

I am going to post again soon, once Dave and I get settled in Ecuador. Hopefully there will be many pictures and many airport adventures to report on (I'm guessing the airport adventures will center around luggage). Keep checking in and maybe send some prayers up for us! :)