Friday, December 14, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We fly out of Guayaquil in a few hours. I have revisited the time-honored tradition of my youth this past week. You know the one--it is always practiced on birthdays and at Christmas, the being too excited to sleep tradition. Oh mercy...I hope I at least sleep on the plane. Thank goodness for Tylenol Simply Sleep.

We have had a great last week of school, finals went well for all and I was able to even squeeze in a field trip to Cerro Blanco with the middle school. The kids were able to participate in the entire process of planting seeds, from sifting for the seeds to actually planting them. It was great, and the first time many of the kids have done actual physical labor.

Today was the last day and it was filled with Christmas Craziness. I have to say--you have got to love the 6th grade for their huge generosity in giving their teachers chocolate. Fantastic. I did have to put the majority of the chocolate in the freezer (curse you ants!!) but maybe that will ensure that I won't eat it oh so quickly.

We are now headed to a friends house for dinner and a movie, trying to waste the hours before our 2:00 am flight. Wish us safe travels!!

Boise--here we come.