Thursday, January 3, 2008

You've Got to be Kidding!!

I have a confession...

I have always wanted to serve on a jury.  I was in a leadership class in high school that took us on a field trip to the local courthouse.  There, we learned about the judicial system and even participated in a mock trial.  I was captivated by the entire process.  I definitely knew I wanted to be a part of a trial some day, not as a defendant mind you.  Alas, I soon realized that I was not ambitious enough to become a lawyer and no law school meant not trying out the judge role.  I decided that I would happily settle for being a member of the jury.  

When I turned 18, I thought it would just be a short amount of time before I was called to serve jury duty.  But that summons never came.  Any time a friend would be summoned I would share my envy at their good fortune, which was often met by confused and awkward silences.  

So now, almost twelve years later, Dave and I are happily living in Ecuador.  What should arrive in the mail today at my parent's house?  

My first jury summons.