Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shout Out!

Much to my mother's chagrin, Dave and I have not yet entered into the realm of parenthood.  Not to worry mom, there are good and temporary reasons for this (fear, panic, oh--and that whole living in a developing nation thing).  However, I don't believe that my lack of mommyhood means I can't admire the brave and amazing parenting I see going on out there.

Take for instance my wonderful friend Sarri and her equally fabulous husband Joel.  These two brave souls--young, hip, and happening--are not only parents to three intelligent, loving, and beautiful children between the ages of two and seven, but they have taken said children to Europe.  For Five Weeks.  

I can't even imagine the adventures that will ensue.  Luckily, Sarri is sharing the family together time via her blog, We're Not The Griswold's.   Check it out, it makes you think anything is possible.  (Don't get too excited about that last statement Mom, the fear and panic are still going pretty strong).

PS.  Dave and I just got back from a wonderful trip to Quito, the capital city of Ecuador.  Many pictures and posts about the trip to arrive soon.  Those of you who are planning a visit this summer will get a sneak peak at what awaits you!